Rare Disease Update: Repurposing Drugs Through Computational Biology

October 30, 2018 • RecordingPDF

Bruce Bloom, DDS, JD, Founder, Cures Within Reach
Antonio Molina-Pachon, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, GenCo Pharma

Exciting therapeutic potential in the repurposing of approved drugs is becoming a reality. Nowhere else does this practice have as much of a potential impact than in the treatment of rare diseases.

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Dr. Bloom will discuss the benefits and challenges of drug repurposing, providing historical and contemporary successes with a focus on rare diseases.  He will describe how computational biology and precision medicine are being leveraged to expand opportunities, while increasing the speed with which therapies can be brought to patients at a lower cost.

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About our Speakers:
Bruce Bloom, DDS, JD, Founder, Cures Within Reach

Cures Within Reach is a leading global non-profit, saving lives by unleashing the untapped potential of human approved drugs, devices, diagnostics, and nutraceuticals. Their CureAccelerator® is the only online repurposing research collaboration platform, bringing together clinicians, researchers, funders, and industry to create and conduct proof of concept repurposing clinical trials. Dr. Bloom is an Ashoka Social Entrepreneur Fellow, and a board or committee member of over a dozen medical research foundations and research institutions.

Dr. Bloom is a member of our Scientific Advisory Board.

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Antonio Molina-Pachon, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, GenCo Pharma

Dr. Molina-Pachon is an entrepreneur developing solutions for rare diseases and cancer. He is collaborating with the Westchester Biotech Project and international partners to develop a regional hub for researchers who are addressing the most complex, and promising, discoveries.

Since 1997 he has held many executive positions, including Director of Discovery, Director of Business Development, CSO, and CEO positions. He has been the founder of 6 companies, all of which are still running today.