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Making a Difference Through Smart Government Relations
July 25, 2018 • RecordingPDF

Capital Health Consulting, in partnership with the Westchester Biotech Project, invites you to send your questions in prior to the event. This session has been created for you, members of the Westchester Biotech Project.

Lisa Wickens-Alteri, President, Capital Health Consulting
Matthew McLarnon, Government Relations and Policy Associate
   Capital Health Consulting

Through this webinar, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe what Government Relations is (and what it is not);

  • Articulate why it is necessary to educate officials and policy makers on the Life Sciences and the policies and regulations that may carry unintended consequences;

  • Identify why it is necessary to develop strategic partnerships and collaborations;

  • Identify the importance of advocating for a business-friendly environment;

  • Identify grant and economic development opportunities to the benefit of your organization and our communities.

  • And, answer your questions about New York State Government, legislative, executive and regulatory bodies.

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Since the establishment of the New York State Life Sciences Initiative, in 2016, science and technology has found new life in New York. Over 47 companies have launched in New York State over the last three decades, placing NY in the #2 spot in the nation for funding biotech and life science research and development. Even with the positive influx of investment and the establishment of science and technology as a public authority in New York, the industry is still confronted by governmental barriers and bureaucratic policy.

About our Speakers:

Lisa Wickens-Alteri is a veteran in the health care community with over 32 years of public and private sector health care delivery experience, both at the State and county level.  Previously, she served as the President of the consulting firm Whiteman Health & Human Services, a Division of Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP. Lisa is a Registered Nurse (RN) by background and has displayed her commitment to the health care community by serving for eight years as Deputy Director of the Office of Health Systems Management (OHSM), the policy, regulatory, surveillance and enforcement arm of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). 

Matthew McLarnon serves as the Government Relations and Policy Associate for Capital Health Consulting LLC. He comes to Capital Health Consulting LLC from the New York State Assembly’s Department of Communication and Information Services. He specializes in researching and monitoring all forms of policy and government initiatives whether it be legislative or regulatory activity. With the Assembly he tracked legislation, researched outreach programs, and managed the production of members’ communication materials, including press releases, columns and mailers. In addition, Matthew has assisted on several political campaigns from the North Country to Long Island with the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee.

Capital Health Consulting (CHC) is a woman-owned and operated business, serving health care clients with the expertise cultivated by careers in government, health and policy. They have a broad understanding of the specialties and nuances of healthcare and can assist clients in creating cutting edge projects commensurate with the expectations of a changing healthcare industry. Their strategy frequently includes educating providers on current policy discussions and future expectations in order to engage elected officials regarding rule or rate-making decisions.