Emerging Technologies:
Synthetic Biology, A Revolution Across All Industries

November 29, 2018 • RecordingPDF

Karl Schmieder, CEO, messagingLAB
Co-author, What's Your Bio Strategy?:
How to Prepare Your Business for Synthetic Biology. 

Thought leader Karl Schmieder has been working with life science leaders for more than two decades. In his book, Schmieder interviewed the entrepreneurs and innovators who are currently disrupting trillion-dollar industries by making biology easier to engineer.

In this webinar, Schmieder will describe the difference between biotechnology and synthetic biology, explore the impact synthetic biology is already having on business, and highlight how synthetic biology is evolving in New York State.

The last 50 years have been dominated by microprocessors and information technology. The next 50 will be dominated by living systems engineered to function as biological machines.
— Karl Schmieder, CEO, messagingLAB
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About Our Speaker:
Karl Schmieder, CEO, messagingLAB

Karl Schmieder is the founder of messagingLAB, a strategy and marketing agency focused on life science leaders. messagingLAB helps life sciences companies develop the strategies and tactics they need to grow. Mr. Schmieder also teaches Fortune 500 companies, associations, and students how to develop a business strategy that leverages the power of biology. 

Schmieder is the co-author, with John Cumbers, of What's Your Bio Strategy? Preparing Your Business for Synthetic Biology. In the book, he interviewed the entrepreneurs and innovators currently disrupting trillion-dollar industries: George Church (Harvard University), Andras Forgacs (Modern Meadow), Christina Agapakis and Jason Kelly (Ginkgo Bioworks), Andrew Hessel (Autodesk), Suzanne Lee (Biofabricate), and J. Craig Venter (Synthetic Genomics), among many others.