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Shaping Programs around Commercial Elements
June 27, 2018 • Recording PDF

Roland Turck, MD, Managing Partner, TurckBio

Dr. Turck will detail ways to incorporate commercial strategy into every stage of a life science product's development. He will discuss the market-to-product thought process required for a company and its intellectual property to realize their full potential. 

For a technology to be successful in its target market, product performance targets as well as  differentiation options must be identified early-on based on understanding of market needs and industry competition. Biotech is very technology driven and scientific thinking dominates as it should. Companies are well advised to also think early on about "what is needed to compete", "what is needed for reimbursement" and "what is doable" and design development programs accordingly. Including those aspects will help maximizing the value of an asset, support capital raises and save time and capital. 

About our Speaker:
Dr. Roland Turck is a CEO and Medical Doctor with extensive international Biotech-Pharma leadership experience and proven small company agility. He a well-regarded advisor with extensive expertise in Change Leadership, Commercialization, Specialty Medicine, Strategy, Business Building, and Global Markets.