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What is the Westchester Biotech Project?

The WBP brings together researchers, engineers, and data scientists through Roundtables, Webinars, and Symposia. As champions emerge for ongoing programs that can enhance community resources and opportunities, we provide infrastructure for planning and market research.

By stimulating interactions that can lead to fresh partnerships and collaborations, we enhance awareness, knowledge sharing, and broad benefit for this lively community. Click Here for a recent article in the Westchester County Business Journal.

Who's Involved? We work closely with the Westchester County Association and additional Community Partners such as Fordham UniversityMeridian Risk Management, Bleakley Platt Schmidt, and Skanska US. In addition, our Advisory Boards bring perspectives from regional, national, and international universities, companies, and institutes.

Why Now? In light of major investments such as the North60 initiative, poised to stimulate the economic vitality of the region's pharma/healthcare resources, now is the moment to bring active partners together and build ongoing programs to strengthen the researcher community driving innovation and growth. The Westchester Biotech Project provides support to this effort by inviting a broad spectrum of partners, and providing our services for organizing meetings, symposia, and web-based programs while acting as a catalyst for Community Development.

How Do We Get Involved? It's easy-contact us directly!

Our Co-Founders:

Michael Welling
Partner, Meridian Risk Management

Joanne Gere
Executive Director