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What is the Westchester Biotech Project?

We’re glad you found us! The Westchester Biotech Project brings together researchers, engineers, and data scientists from across therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices. Based in Westchester County, NY, this is a borderless initiative with opportunities for local, national, and international collaboration. 

Since the Spring of 2017, we have hosted multiple Roundtables and Symposia with regional and international thought leaders. They have been joined by institutions, companies, nonprofits, professionals, and government - all striving to listen and collaborate. Fresh initiatives have emerged from this process, including the Westchester Certificate, The Consortium on Translational Research in the Microbiome, Young Investigators/My First Laboratory, and more!

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You just keep doing what you’re doing because it is making all the difference educating everyone through all of the extraordinary changes in science and innovative leadership in science. I am very glad I could attend and I would love to continue our collaborations in the future.
— Glenetta Phillips, Center for Applied Learning, Westchester Community College

Who's Involved?
 We work closely with the Westchester County Association and additional Community Partners such as Fordham UniversityMeridian Risk Management, Bleakley Platt Schmidt, and Skanska US. In addition, our Advisory Boards bring perspectives from regional, national, and international universities, companies, and institutes.

Our Story

The Westchester Biotech Project honors the work of researchers, engineers, and data scientists - working to build an internationally connected cluster for life science and medical breakthroughs. It all started when the cofounders were brought together through their shared passion and vision. Then one thing led to another.

Since our first Roundtable in 2017, we’ve convened hundreds of thought leaders who can leverage existing and fresh resources to drive action. These have included innovations like the Westchester Certificate, Young Investigators/My First Laboratory, Lab to Market programs, Consortium on Translational Research in the Microbiome and the Rare Disease Research Hub. Each is the result of our mission to help collaborative people and institutions share ideas.

Westchester Biotech Blueprint 2030 is our continuing effort to capture opportunities that can spark profound benefit. It is an ongoing process for supporting and informing regional development efforts. While we look for addressable gaps that can spark great progress, our initiatives are integrating lessons learned from national and international clusters. We are big supporters of all initiatives to foster research and commercialization.

Two initiatives in particular that will change the landscape for the next generation:

Ardsley Park: In early 2020, a new expansion space will be renovated with infrastructure for life science research, shared facilities, and access to programming for life science and data analytics companies seeking space for 15-50 employees. (from our Community Partners, BioMed Realty)

North 60 Project: We value the perseverance, positive energy and resources that this brilliantly-conceived research center represents. When it is operational, growing life science companies that have taken root here will be ready to move into the beautiful new facilities.

In addition, regional universities and companies are engaging with us to build the ecosystem required for tomorrow’s cures.

What Comes Next? We already enjoy unparalleled healthcare, educational, and, research capabilities. Working together, we can engage potential growth companies through Charrette-style meetings. These will inform potential partners about the services, design, facilities, support, and resources they are seeking. Join us to help create the most vibrant life science community we can envision.

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Our Co-Founders:

Michael Welling
Co-Founder & Chair
Partner, Meridian Risk Management

Joanne Gere
Co-Founder & Executive Director