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Calls for Abstracts

In addition to Symposia listed here, we run timely programs that are scheduled on the fly - so don’t be shy about reaching out with an idea we might work on together. It’s Easy- Just send a note to with your short (100-word) concept. We’ll be in touch and share the process, which is somewhat different for each Symposium.

Our Short List: (in progress- Scroll Down for Partner Events)

Rare Disease Research Symposium 2019, Hosted by Purchase College, SUNY, September 24, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Globalization and Localization, October TBD
My First Laboratory, November TBD
Aligning Academic and Career Advising with Student Experience, January 2020 TBD (Online)
Innovation in Research 2020, March TBD
Consortium on Translational Research in the Microbiome April 2020 TBD, ILSE
Music and Health autumn 2020 TBD

Rare Disease Symposium 2019 Header_v1.png

Abstract Deadline: September 4th at Midnight EDT Click for more

Presentation Topics/Draft Agenda (nonlimiting): see It’s Easy above

  • Research aimed at uncovering new mechanisms for rare disease treatment and improving the efficacy of existing approaches.

  • Strategies for bringing a profitable repurposed rare disease drug to the market.

  • Regulatory considerations needed in preclinical studies, generating validated data for INDs promoting clinical trial acceptance.

  • Orphan Drug Sales and marketing approaches to reach doctors and patients, reach internationally, etc.

  • Intellectual Property considerations for protecting revenue on an expiring patent.

  • Building Trust between investors and researchers to accelerate innovation, increasing startup activity.

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