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Call for Abstracts

We are accepting Abstracts for Rare Disease Research Symposium 2019! Please send a note to info@westchesterbiotechproject.org with your short (100-word) concept. Share your research and its potential impact, with a focus on discussing current collaborative endeavors.

Potential Topics for Presentation (nonlimiting):

  • Research aimed at uncovering new mechanisms for rare disease treatment and improving the efficacy of existing approaches.

  • Strategies for bringing a profitable repurposed rare disease drug to the market.

  • Regulatory considerations needed in preclinical studies, generating validated data for INDs promoting clinical trial acceptance.

  • Orphan drug sales and marketing strategies to reach doctors and patients, reach internationally, etc.

  • Intellectual property strategies to protect revenue surrounding an expiring patent.

  • How we can build trust between investors and researchers to accelerate innovation through increased startup activity.

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