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Roles for Advisors, Partners, and Volunteers

Updated June 2017


Hi- if you would like to join our Advisory Board, you can use the code ADVISOR20 for 20% off.

As an Advisor, we ask you to participate in at least one event per year (check!), and we will work together to get you involved where you find interest. IE perhaps we can build an event together, or you can participate in a planning committee.

We understand that everyone is busy, and strive to make this a pleasurable process that you can easily integrate with your own goals.

Here is a link to our current Advisors:

Before you landed here, we likely communicated together about your interests. If a colleague shared this link with you, more's the better.

We are organized around building connections among researchers, engineers, and data scientists across all the many silos of biomedical research. Through ongoing Interviews, Roundtables, Webinars, and Symposia, we nurture fresh connections to help potential collaborators find each other. We invite thought leaders and Young Investigators to get involved, addressing emerging concepts and opportunities throughout the discovery to launch pipeline and across therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, and the providers who leverage them for their patients.

We provide the back bone to keep it enjoyable for you to reach out and engage your colleagues and potential partners on our behalf.

If You Have Joined the Scientific Advisory Board, Community Partnership, Alliance Partnership, Advisory Board, Young Investigators, or any Voluneer Role, please email 1) your photo, 2) a short bio- 100 words, 3) the correct spelling of your Name, Credential, Job Title, Institution, 4) your Social Media Links so we can follow you, 5) add your role with us to Linkedin and other professional environments of your choosing, 6) if you Play a Musical Instrument, please include a note about your ax, and genres * to profile@westchesterbiotechproject.org

What is your Role?

For any of our wonderful Advisory Groups, Committees, and Partners, we hope that you will proudly represent our mission, and leverage our energies to build strength for your own goals. We ask you to do this by:
-Responding at your convenience when we reach out
-Developing your own approach to sharing our story
-Introducing us to your Communities and Individuals as you find it relevant
-Sharing our news such as Calls for Abstracts and Announcements with colleagues who might be intrigued
-Following us on social media (currently Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube)
-Each Year, getting involved with One activity or program IE joining an event committee, helping find a speaker, etc. 

As an Advisor (Scientific or Otherwise)

As a Community Partner

As an Alliance Partner:

*Why Your Musical Instrument?




Westchester Biotech Project

We are an organization focused upon accelerating biomedical research and engagement by helping potential partners and collaborators find each other. We do this through Advisory Boards, Committees, and Roundtables that develop into programs and Symposia.

You can start by attending a program, but it's much more effective if you get involved in advance, shaping the growth of the community and helping build compelling content.

We do the back end work that makes the process as pleasurable as possible for you. Just say hello and we'll get started!

It's Your Choice

Explore our website and see what intrigues you. Each of the programs you'll see was initiated by our community, so feel free to suggest a concept. 

Click Here to see the range of our community's interests.

It's highly likely that we know a few adventurous sorts who are interested in a similar approach, and by getting involved you'll be able to learn about each others' research and motives.

It's that simple- Welcome!

Start Here

You can send a note with your interest, or complete this form. We'll respond and set a time to get to know you.

We particularly seek researchers, engineers, and data scientists, and will ask for your help in developing compelling programs that make it worth your while to leave your lab, or at least enjoy a virtual session!




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