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Roundtable: Educators and Employers
August 7, 2018 • Click for More

Webinar - Making a Difference Through Smart Government Relations
Presenter: Lisa Wickens-Alteri, President, Capital Health Consulting
July 25, 2018 • Click for More and Recording

Rare Disease Symposium
Hosted by Iona College
July 18, 2018 • Click for More

Webinar - Nailing Your Spark Talk
Presenter: Laura Green, Ph.D., Cancer Consortium Manager, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
July 11, 2018 • Click for More and Recording

Timing is Everything, Virtual Roundtable: Intellectual Property
Presenter: Scott D. Locke, Esq., Partner & Chair, Intellectual Property Department, Dorf & Nelson
July 10, 2018 • Click for More and Recording

Webinar - Shaping Programs around Commercial Elements
Presenter: Roland Turck, MD, Managing Partner, TurckBio
June 27, 2018 • Click for More and Recording

Webinar - Incentives for New York State Life Science Companies
Presenter: Loretta Beine, Life Science Industry Development Director, Empire State Development (ESD)
June 27, 2018 • Click for More and Recording

Webinar - Building the Rare Disease Research Community: Columbia University's DISCOVER Program
Presenter: Wendy Chung, MD, Ph.D., Kennedy Family Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Columbia University
June 20, 2018 • Click for More and Recording

Innovation in Research 2018 Symposium
Hosted by Purchase College, SUNY
June 12, 2018 • Click for More

Virtual Roundtable: Educators and Employers
May 16, 2018 • Click for More

Webinar - From Lab to Market: An Intergenerational Discussion
A collaboration between curiousSCIENCEwriters, Young Women in Bio, and the Westchester Biotech Project
April 29, 2018 • Click for More

Roundtable for Researchers
Hosted by Burke Medical Research Institute
April 25, 2018 • Click for More

Roundtable: Intellectual Property for the Life Sciences
Hosted by Dorf & Nelson
April 24, 2018 • Click for More

Young Investigator Webinar Series: Commercialization A-Z

Session 2 - Are You an Inventor, or Are You an Entrepreneur?
Presenter: Russell Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO, NIRvana Sciences
March 20, 2018 • Click for More and Recording

Roundtable: Building the Biotech Cluster
Hosted by Meridian Risk Management
March 6, 2018 • Click for More

Roundtable for Educators and Employers
Hosted by Fordham University, Westchester Campus
March 1, 2018 • Click for More

Young Investigators Webinar Series: Effective Communication in Biomedical Research
Session 3 - Rigor and Reproducibility: Presenting Data for Funders and Investors

Presenter: Rick Huntress, Director, Business Development, Clinical and In Vivo Services, The Jackson Laboratory
January 24, 2018 • Click for More and Recording

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