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Virtual Roundtable: Translating Data Science, Bias in Data Sets and Analytics
February 20, 2019, 12-1:30 pm EST Online
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Ensuring the proper curation and integrity of data from the earliest stages of collection is absolutely essential. For the quality of downstream results to be trusted, bias must be minimized and accounted for through thoughtful quality control methodologies. As well, thoughtful considerations need to be made as to what data should be used in an analytics process, as to not create preemptive bias for a certain result. Join us as we explore how to best manage these critical concerns.

Virtual Roundtable: Government Relations, Advocacy for Community Health Centers
March 21
, 12-1:30 pm EST Online
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We will explore the social determinants of community health and what opportunities and challenges exist toward improve the wellbeing of our communities. Speakers will cover innovative responses to social challenges, and highlight the need for advocacy by teams and members of the community. Current legislative developments that foster improved community health will also be addressed.