About Us

BioPharma Research Initiatives is a nonprofit association for researchers, engineers, and data scientists.

BRI was founded in 2015, as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, charitable organization. As a content development partner with the BioPharma Research Council, founded in 2009, we have established a community of more than 10,000.


We organize symposia, roundtables, and webinars that bring our community together for knowledge sharing. Register for Updates to receive notices! 

Our Young Investigators board has introduced My First Laboratory, co-chaired with the Rutgers School of Medicine. Activities bring senior scientists and supplier mentors to impart perspectives on leading your staff, negotiating for equipment, presenting, etc.


This spring we are launching the Westchester Biotech Project, a series of programs to spur collaboration across the silos of research, engineering, and data science.