Code of Conduct for Advisory Boards

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Advisor Code of Conduct

We are here to collaborate towards the growth of the community by combining our passions and individual expertise. There is no room for egos, arguments, or self-serving motives -- we can make this happen harmoniously, we’re all adults.

We have been gratified that smart, committed individuals from industry, academia, nonprofits, and government are active on our Scientific Advisory Board, Advisory Board, and Associate Board. As our community has grown, it's been a lively, enjoyable process.

It's been challenging to decide whether/how we need a Code of Conduct. To date, we cannot identify anyone who has created problems for us, and so we are writing these notes in a positive and hopefully easy-to-agree-with vein:

We Mutually Agree to:

Respect Each Other in Public

Claim Our Relationship (Linkedin, Social Media, etc)

Credit our Relationship- If we introduce you to someone who helps you, let us know

Finally, Do No Harm