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Virtual Roundtable: Translating Data Science

Register Now - Thursday, October 4, 2018, 11-12 pm EDT Online

We are establishing a committee of thought leaders to shepherd this effort. Join as we plan for future programming.

Paul Savage, Healthcare MBA, Hagan School of Business, Iona College
Antonio Biancardi, Chief Operating Officer, DataForm Software

The dynamic environment that brings together data collection, harmonization, sharing, and analysis is opening new doors and unearthing new challenges. This thought leader roundtable meets throughout the year to share experiences and knowledge, looking for gaps that can be addressed through collaboration. 

Emerging Opportunities:

  • New resources, such as the statewide All Claims Database
  • Existing collaborations across academic, government, and industry groups
  • Challenges for international partnerships
  • Regulatory frameworks across agencies

Join thought leaders in data science to help align concerns and efforts towards developing tomorrow's solutions. We are identifying current and anticipated obstacles inhibiting progress, and exploring ways the data science community as a whole might work together to advance the field. 

About our Chairs:
Paul Savage, Healthcare MBA, Hagan School of Business, Iona College

Paul Savage has business and Competitive Intelligence expertise specifically focused on the needs of the Health Care Industry and the State & Federal regulatory environment. His focus is on strategic planning, operations improvement, and quality improvement goals of Hospital executives and governance leaders. Mr. Savage has over forty years of diverse experience and an engineering perspective necessary to make sense of the changing competitive environment and the expanding needs of Health Analytics.

His goals are to make use of the rich data resource available to improve the competitive position of client organizations while enhancing quality, product mix and operations within and among facilities and integration with provider organizations and entities.

Antonio Biancardi, Chief Operating Officer, DataForm Software

As a technology and operations leader, Antonio has a track record of accelerating business outcomes for international enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. His achievements include the turn-around of under-performing organizations to: restore profitability, increase efficiency, and develop leading-edge software applications – from concept through release.

Antonio led the team that developed DataForm Software's flagship product, Planet Life Cycle – a robust work management application that merges strategic and financial planning with execution. As a direct result, customers that are global leaders, such as Allergan Pharmaceutical, have leveraged the solution to enhance their competitiveness. Antonio is consistently striving to enable customers to achieve operational excellence. In his words, “When our customers win, we win."