Virtual Executive in Residence

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Keith Safian, CEO - Safian & Company
Daniel Potocki, Founder/CEO - Finis Ventures

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Are you a researcher, engineer, or technologist with an idea, trying to take the next step towards commercialization? Our experts can point you in the right direction while helping develop an action plan. At a deeper level, we will connect you with experts able to address nuanced issues that may arise as your technology traverses the lab-to-market pathway.

Are you a small team ready to scale your company, product, or service, unsure of your next move? To add value to your company, and increase investor appeal, we will review your business plan, discuss technology and market development strategies, and help guide pitch preparation.

Our cohort of scientists, entrepreneurs, and business experts has agreed to share their experiences as you navigate your next move. These executives volunteered to provide advice, at no cost, to biotech researchers and entrepreneurs to help them advance their work/businesses.

*Include details on your current endeavor and your question. We will follow up within a few days for an initial conversation.

Do people bet on the jockey, or do people bet on the horse? Each year you see a few technologies so compelling that they are pulled into the market regardless of management, but for the other 95% it is the people that make the difference.
— Russell Thomas, CEO, NIRvana Science

Experts are available to help you address:

  • Becoming a Biotechnology Executive/Entrepreneur

  • Strategic Acceleration/Business Growth/Human Resources

  • Leveraging FDA Regulatory, Corporate, and Compliance Counsel

  • Analyzing Market Size and Access

  • Understanding Hospital Business and Healthcare Administration

  • Overcoming Scientific Hurdles

  • Identifying Opportunities and Partners for Tech Transfer

  • Optimizing Laboratory Design and Contracts

  • Outsourced and Collaborative Research/Process Engineering

  • Working with Life Science Investors


Keith Safian is a Wharton MBA with two engineering degrees who is highly analytical, entrepreneurial, and hands-on. Keith is uniquely qualified to provide senior advisor services to CEO’s of private and public organizations, with a focus on strategic growth and, at the same time, operational and financial performance improvement. He brings 25 years of hands-on experience as the CEO of Phelps Memorial Hospital, Westchester County’s 7th-largest private employer and a member of 20 boards of directors.

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Prior to founding Finis Ventures, Daniel Potocki led the Strategic Initiatives Group at Praescient Analytics, working with tech firms backed by In-Q-Tel and VCs to deploy solutions on six continents in 40+ countries and enabling teams from the Pentagon to the White House to Wall Street to solve high-impact problems across diverse industries. Recognized by Fortune 100 executives, global decision makers, and industry thought leaders as an energetic leader, Dan holds a master’s degree from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from Iona College.