Our History

Since 2009. the BioPharma Research Council has provided symposia, conferences, roundtables, committees, and boards. By introducing BioPharma Research Initiatives, we expand our resources and our reach.

This new platform is focused upon supporting partnerships and collaborations across the many silos of biomedical research. Further, we are developing programs for early career researchers, engineers, and data scientists. We feel that, by helping address the leaky pipeline of scientists up to about age 40, our activities can impact medical breakthroughs and commercialization today and tomorrow.


Our Roots

We collaborate closely with the BioPharma Research Council. For a full archive of programs since 2009, including recordings and downloads, click here.

Beginning in 2016, we identified potential programs that can pay off for our community over time. As participants develop cross communication, specific events, white papers, or other results may precipitate. Others can serve a purpose by helping bring individuals and organizations together to understand each other's goals and resources.