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Virtual Roundtable: Building Data Infrastructure for Microbiome Research
May 30, 12 - 1:30 pm Online
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Innovation is stunted if there is no framework that enables researchers to share and work on data in a structured, meaningful, and compatible way. Whether with peers or a colleague across the globe, collaborative databases are essential for efficiently inputting, working on, and accessing shared data.

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Virtual Roundtable: Innovative Pathways through the FDA & EMEA Journey
Westchester Biotech Project Europe Launch Event
July 18
, 8:30 - 11 am EDT • Click for More

Our Story: The Westchester Biotech Project honors the work of researchers, engineers, and data scientists - working to build international infrastructure for life science and medical breakthroughs. It all started when the cofounders met on Linkedin. Beginning in 2015 they combined skills and experiences to launch our engine of open, relevant, and accessible programs. Then one thing led to another.

Since our first Roundtable in 2017, we’ve convened hundreds of thought leaders who can leverage existing and fresh resources to drive action. These have included innovations like the Westchester Certificate, Young Investigators/My First Laboratory, Roundtable: Lab to Market, Consortium on Translational Research in the Microbiome and the Rare Disease Research Hub. Each is the result of our pleasure in helping smart people share ideas.

Westchester Biotech Blueprint 2030 is our continuing effort to seek challenges and opportunities that can spark profound benefit if nurtured in the early stages. And, it’s a “hat over the fence” to get us all thinking about the life science community we can envision. Charrette-style meetings will bring together potential tenants with the services, design, facilities, support, and ambiance they are seeking. While we will produce reports, papers, strategies, and celebrations through this process, we will continue to “build the plane while flying”.

Now more than ever it’s powerful to address for “fillable gaps” that can spark development of the cluster in the next 2-5 years. We are big fans of the North60 project. When it’s on its feet, likely in 2022 or 2023, growing life science companies that have taken root here will be ready to move into the beautiful new facilities.

The Door is Open. Get in touch to get involved: info@westchesterbiotechproject.org

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Innovation in Research Symposium 2019: Launching Generational Growth

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Thank You to  Westchester Community College  Center for Applied Learning and Career Education

Thank You to Westchester Community College Center for Applied Learning and Career Education

"Bringing together scientists, engineers, and clinicians from many companies and institutions is the best way to stimulate future research collaborations." 

Dr. Carla Romney

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