Big News! North 60 is a Go!

January 10, 2019: County Executive George Latimer signs the 99-year lease that opens the door for the North 60, a $1.2B Life Science Research Park in Valhalla!

January 11, 2019: Yesterday Westchester County took a huge step forward in becoming a global biotech hub. County Executive George Latimer signed a 99-year lease with Fareri Associates to build a $1.2B life science research park in Valhalla.

We applaud the County Executive, the Board of Legislators, Economic Development Director Bridget Gibbons, and John Fareri Associates for their leadership.

By investing in a fresh environment for developing therapies, devices, and diagnostics that leverage new technologies, the Park will benefit patients and stimulate economic vitality for the county, the region, and the globe.

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We particularly congratulate John Fareri and Neil DeLuca for achieving this monumental milestone through their commitment and dedication. We are honored to stand by them and support their roadmap for growth any way we can. We look forward to collaborating with our partners, especially Harrison Edwards, the Westchester County Association, BioInc, and all of our regional colleges and universities.

There is much more to do. The time is now to focus on supporting the growing pipeline of research, engineering, and data science companies that can be ready to take space when the beautiful new Park comes online.

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2019 Programs in The Works (all times EST-US)

Virtual Roundtable: Intellectual Property
Issues for Bioinformatics and Health Information Management Entrepreneurs

January 24, 12-1:30 pm Online
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Among the most rapidly growing sub-disciplines in the biotechnology industry are the management and manipulation of data, the creation of code for bioinformatics and personalization of medicine, and the creation of Apps. This Roundtable will explore how this digital innovation and ownership is protected.

Virtual Roundtable: Consortium on Translational Research in the Microbiome
January 25
, 12-1:30 pm Online
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Current challenges and opportunities in DNA extraction, reproducibility, and data analytics will be discussed.

This Roundtable is collaborating for the development of translatable and clinically relevant microbiome research.

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Virtual Roundtable: Young Investigators, Establishing Your First Lab
January 30, 12-1 pm EST Online
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As a first time principal investigator (PI), the logistics of setting up your first lab can be daunting. From ordering equipment and supplies to recruiting the members who will work beside you, there are considerations to be made that most would not be immediately prepared for.

Join us as we dive into these issues and more, with an emphasis on answering the questions you might have as you prepare to begin your journey as a PI.

Virtual Roundtable: Translating Data Science, Bias in Data Sets and Analytics
February 20, 12-1:30 pm EST Online
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Ensuring the proper curation and integrity of data from the earliest stages of collection is absolutely essential. For the quality of downstream results to be trusted, bias must be minimized and accounted for through thoughtful quality control methodologies. As well, thoughtful considerations need to be made as to what data should be used in an analytics process, as to not create preemptive bias for a certain result. Join us as we explore how to best manage these critical concerns.

Virtual Roundtable: Government Relations, Advocacy for Community Health Centers
March 21
, 12-1:30 pm EST Online
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We will explore the social determinants of community health and what opportunities and challenges exist toward improve the wellbeing of our communities. Speakers will cover innovative responses to social challenges, and highlight the need for advocacy by teams and members of the community. Current legislative developments that foster improved community health will also be addressed.

Virtual Roundtable: Translating Data Science, Data Ownership and Security
March 27, 12-1:30 pm EST Online
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As we continue forward in the age of digital information, the risks to personal privacy and security will only continue to increase. As more technologies provide opportunities for the misuse and release of information, ensuring proper protocols for the anonymization and thoughtful handling of data is paramount. If we are to innovate we must take take great care to protect the individual along the way.

Virtual Roundtable: Clinical Research
March TBD
, 12-1:30 pm EST Online
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Taking discoveries through to patients is a complex process, engaging scale-up, recruitment, and study design. By leveraging relationships between sponsors, CROs, and research sites, professionals are driving flexible outcomes to current regulatory, scientific, and manufacturing challenges. We bring together professionals across translational and clinical research, as well as patient groups supporting services.


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Innovation in Research Symposium III - Spring 2019
Committee Forming Now

"Bringing together scientists, engineers, and clinicians from many companies and institutions is the best way to stimulate future research collaborations." Dr. Carla Romney, Fordham University

irl* gathering of thought leaders in research, engineering, data science, and cluster development- Innovation in Research 2018 Above, Neil Deluca of fareri associates - *IRL in real life

irl* gathering of thought leaders in research, engineering, data science, and cluster development- Innovation in Research 2018 Above, Neil Deluca of fareri associates - *IRL in real life

For our third cross-border, cross-silo, cross-cultural symposium, you are invited to get involved on the Planning/Partnering Committee, and to propose a talk or panel. We are collaborating across our Roundtable for Researchers, as well as those focused on Translating Data Science, Educators and Employers, and Cluster Development.
Send a note or abstract to get started:
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