Nezih Cereb MD ,   CEO, Histogenetics -  Advances in Genomic Technologies in Research as the Foundation for Precision Medicine

Nezih Cereb MD, CEO, Histogenetics - Advances in Genomic Technologies in Research as the Foundation for Precision Medicine

Update: Dr. Carla Romney of Fordham University hosted us, providing a beautiful location on the Fordham Westchester Campus. Her perspective is one we have discovered more than once in the few months since we launched. When she was in high school, she couldn't find a college or university in the region where she could study biomedical engineering. So, she left the area and eventually made her way to Boston where her career took off. At Boston University she was Assistant Dean at the School of Medicine. Now, she is Associate Dean for STEM and Prehealth Education at Fordham.

"Bringing together scientists, engineers, and clinicians from many companies and institutions is the best way
to stimulate future research collaborations,"
says Dr. Romney.

"The advancement of science and medicine depends on the presence of talented and passionate investigators and a supportive educational, economic and political climate. We need to nurture these resources in Westchester to build a vibrant biotech cluster here. We at Fordham see great promise in supporting the Westchester Biotech Project's initiatives going forward."

For us, this underscores the importance of our mission to nurture relationships across industry and academic institutions. Our diverse speakers included thought leaders from Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, Northwell Health, Fordham University, Regeneron, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Contrafect, Gilead Sciences, Empire State Development, My Green Lab, Sapience Therapeutics, Histogenetics, and more, who shared their research, opportunities for clinical studies, and funding sources. 

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Innovation in Research – October 26, 2017
Host: Fordham Westchester Campus
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Agenda/Speakers – Click Here for the Handout

Building Opportunity Density for the Westchester Biotech Cluster
Amy Allen, Vice President, Westchester County Association
William V. Cuddy Jr., Executive Vice President, CBRE Stamford
Carla Romney Dsc, Associate Dean for STEM and Pre-Health Education Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham University
Antonio Molina-Pachon, Co-Chair, Westchester Biotech EU; CEO, Advanced Medical Projects Madrid

Symposium Begins: Westchester Biotech Project Co-Chairs
Michael Welling
, Partner, Meridian Risk Management
Joanne Gere, Executive Director, Westchester Biotech Project

Advances in Genomic Technologies in Research as the Foundation
for Precision Medicine

Nezih Cereb MD, CEO, Histogenetics

Interventions to Prevent a Polyomavirus-Induced Brain Disease
Eileen Geoghegan Ph.D., Research Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Translating Science to Medicine
Barry Kappel Ph.D., CEO, Sapience Therapeutics

Translating Visual Neuroscience into Clinical Practice
Glen Prusky Ph.D., Lab Director, Laboratory for Visual Disease and Therapy, Burke Medical Research Institute

Regional Resources for Clinical Research
Moderator: Zachary B. Cohen,
Associate Bleakley Platt & Schmidt
Christina Brennan MD, Vice President, Clinical Research,
Northwell Health
Gary E. Gibson Ph.D.Professor of Neuroscience, Brain and Mind Research Institute, Weill Cornell Medicine; Lab Director, Laboratory for Mitochondrial Biology and Metabolic Dysfunction in Neurodegeneration, Burke Medical Research Institute
Amy Weinberg DNP, Associate Director, Medical Sciences,
Gilead Science

Design Thinking to Leverage Sustainability into the Laboratory
Allison Paradise, Executive Director, My Green Lab
Russell R. Watters P.E., Sr. Project Engineer, GENESIS

Breakthroughs in Addressing
Multi-Drug Resistant Infections

Nancy Dong, Vice President, Finance & Administration, Contrafect
Josh Muntner, Sr. Vice President, Business Development, Contrafect

Collaboration to Accelerate Implementation of Personalized Medicine
Noura Abul-Husn MD, Ph.D. Director, Translational Genetics,
Regeneron Genetics Center

Opportunities and Challenges for International Collaboration
Antonio Molina-Pachon, Co-Chair, Westchester Biotech; EU and
CEO, Advanced Medical Projects Madrid
Boris Shor, Ph.D., CEO, Manhattan BioSolutions

Resources for Funding Research
Moderator: Keith Safian
, CEO, Safian & Company
Ngozi Bell, Founder and Investor, Miranet; Partner, Trans-Sahara-Investment- Corporation; Adjunct Professor, Lehigh Carbon CC
Jordan Brown, Analyst, Northwell Ventures
Meghan Taylor, Regional Director, Mid-Hudson at Empire State Development

Adjourn to an off campus venue to debrief.