The Call for Abstracts is Open

Join the region's diverse researchers, engineers, and data scientists, for an eclectic symposium on emerging science developed through collaboration. 

We are seeking presenters who can share their work in therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices. Both preclinical and clinical research will be addressed.

We invite you to propose a talk or panel that includes:
-Your Science and its Applications
-Your Collaboration and what you've Accomplished

Talks are approximately 20 minutes including Q&A
Panels are about 45 minutes.

Please send your Abstract to, with Abstract and Your Name in the Subject Line. 
Your Abstract may be presented as a short narrative in the email and may include attachments or links for further background.

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  Nezih Cereb MD ,   CEO, Histogenetics -  Advances in Genomic Technologies in Research as the Foundation for Precision Medicine (from Innovation in research 2017)

Nezih Cereb MD, CEO, Histogenetics - Advances in Genomic Technologies in Research as the Foundation for Precision Medicine (from Innovation in research 2017)

Innovation in Research 2018
June 12, 2018, 8:30-5 EST

Host: Purchase College, SUNY
735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577
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"Bringing together scientists, engineers, and clinicians from many companies and institutions is the best way to stimulate future research collaborations." 
Dr. Carla Romney, Fordham University

Call for Abstracts is Open. Please send your proposal for a 20 minute session or longer panel to, with abstract and your name in the subject line.

Featured Speaker:

Karl Schmieder, co-author, What's Your Bio Strategy?:
How to Prepare Your Business for Synthetic Biology. 

Synthetic biology – the rapidly developing field that makes biology easier to engineer – is quickly transforming industries and changing the rules of business. 

 Karl Schmieder, CEO of messagingLAB

Karl Schmieder, CEO of messagingLAB

Thought leader Karl Schmieder has been working with life science leaders for decades, observing the massive advances making biology accessible to researchers, engineers, and data scientists.

“The last 50 years have been dominated by microprocessors and information technology,” he writes. “The next 50 will be dominated by living systems engineered to function as biological machines”. 

In his book, Schmieder interviewed the entrepreneurs and innovators who are currently disrupting trillion-dollar industries: George Church (Harvard University), Andras Forgacs (Modern Meadow), Christina Agapakis and Jason Kelly (Ginkgo Bioworks), Andrew Hessel (Autodesk), Suzanne Lee (Biofabricate), Pamela Silver (Harvard University), J. Craig Venter and many others. 

messagingLAB partners with life science leaders to create strategic content marketing programs that drive the industry forward.

This is a serious and friendly environment, a time to share your knowledge and learn about your peers. The audience will include Ph.D. level professionals from university, industry, nonprofit, and government labs.  In addition, experts in commercialization including tech transfer, funding, and the regulatory environment will convene.