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Our educational programs, including Symposia, Roundtables, Webinars, and Workshops, are accessible to everyone. Advisors, committee members, and participants are driving growth for the life science cluster.

These sessions lead to practical action such as the Westchester Certificate, a multi-party collaboration to offer key skills training for laboratory and virtual environments.

Program Chairs

Fortunately, passionate thought leaders are heading up our ongoing program development. As you’ll see, we are tackling diverse topics that impact the lives and work of researchers, engineers, data scientists, and their supporters. Click Below for More

Roundtable for Researchers

Glen Prusky, Ph.D.Lab Director - Burke Medical Research Institute
Amanda Dupuy, Ph.D., Clinical Scientific Curator
The Jackson Laboratory

Translational Research in the Microbiome

Keith Bostian, Ph.D., CEO - Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship
Eric Vieira, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Collaborations
Columbia Engineering
Joanne Gere, Executive Director - Westchester Biotech Project

Roundtable: Translating Data Science

Paul Savage, Healthcare MBA - Hagan School of Business,
Iona College
Antonio Biancardi, Chief Operating Officer - DataForm Software

Roundtable: Educators and Employers

Carla Romney, D.Sc., Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences and Education - Boston University
Amy AllenVice President - Westchester County Association

Our Co-Founders:

Michael Welling
Partner, Meridian Risk Management

Joanne Gere
Executive Director

Roundtable: Building the Biotech Cluster

Sarah EpifanoBusiness Development Director - Skanska USA
Patricia Ardigo, First Vice President - CBRE Life Sciences Group

Roundtable: Government Relations

Lisa Wickens-Alteri, President - Capital Health Consulting
Andrew Zebrak, Executive Director, Public Policy, Therapeutic Areas, and Advocacy - Boehringer Ingelheim

Roundtable: Intellectual Property

Scott Locke, Esq., Partner & Chair of the Intellectual Property Department - Dorf & Nelson
Christopher Palermo, Esq., Senior Counsel - Harris Beach

Roundtable: Young Investigators

Doreen Badheka, Ph.D., Program Director, School of Graduate Studies
Rutgers University
Neha Nigam, Ph.D.Consultant - Grey Health Group

Virtual Executive in Residence Program

Keith Safian, CEO - Safian & Company
Daniel Potocki, Founder and CEO - Finis Ventures