Journal Club with a Twist

We gather 8-10 times a year for a Seminar-type presentation followed by a Journal Club-type discussion. Think of your University Seminar followed by a Journal Club type sit-down with the presenter to discuss methodology and the interpretation of results leading to their conclusion.

This format is meant to be educational and insightful, leading to deep scientific discussion among all participants, where lessons can be learned and best practices shared. Our goal is to engage the scientific community in a format similar to one found in a large academic research institution — virtually.

Upcoming Topics for Presentation:
- Human Microbiome Research
- Cannabis in Mainstream Medicine
- CRISPR Technologies and Applications for the Future

We welcome you to join us!
Please send a note to with your paper, short (100-word) abstract, and ideas for discussion.
Share your research and its potential impact, with a focus on sharing methodologies and best practices that led to your conclusions.