Our Mission

The Mission of the Westchester Biotech Project is to enhance medical progress by honoring and supporting researchers, engineers, and data scientists. We accomplish this by:

  • organizing Webinars, Conferences, and Symposia that address the complexities of biomedical research
  • stimulating collaborations with scientists across multiple disciplines
  • designing Roundtables and other community-building activities
  • attracting senior Mentors who can help guide researchers through the complexities of scientific research
  • developing programs such as research hubs, travel programs, commercialization education, etc
  • providing technical support and other services to partner organizations

Partner with us!

We invite you, your organization, institute, or company, to partner with us. We are committed to addressing all aspects of therapeutics, diagnostics, and device development. 

Please send a note to get started: jgere@westchesterbiotechproject.org

Westchester Biotech Project is a 501 (c) 3 approved nonprofit organization.