What is the Westchester Biotech Project?

In light of major investments poised to stimulate the economic vitality of pharma/healthcare resources that reside throughout Westchester County, NY, now is the moment to bring active partners together and build ongoing programs to strengthen the researcher community driving innovation and growth. The Westchester Biotech Project provides support to this effort by inviting a broad spectrum of partners, and providing our services for organizing meetings, symposia, and web-based programs while acting as a catalyst for Community Development.

Working closely with the Westchester County Association and additional Community Partners such as the New York Medical College, Meridian Risk and BioPharma Research Initiatives are already coordinating programs that will be offered through 2017 and 2018. 

As innovation is the backbone of healthcare progress, we will focus upon the researchers, engineers, and data scientists who are creating and developing drugs, devices, and tools for tomorrow. By beginning with this perspective, we strive to enhance the experience of these researchers and thus provide their companies and clients with greater value and accelerated growth.

In many business communities, the role of the biomedical researcher is underplayed and many find it difficult to reach out and cultivate relationships with the very people who are building tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

By focusing upon this important and complex cohort, we leverage the most innovative, experienced minds across companies, universities, and government programs, all of which are active in Westchester County.

Knowledge Sharing and Opportunities to Collaborate provide the bedrock for building a strong and recognized research community. By inviting speakers from across a wide range of sectors within the community, we will engage in and lead the lively discussions and networking that drive effective relationships.

Ongoing Programs Include in-person and virtual meetings and webinars, and the annual Innovation in Research Symposium. 

What is a Research Community? As in any field, diverse perspectives feed the innovation process. Further, across the industry and academic research environment, knowledge sharing and opportunities to meet potential partners are key to developing the breakthroughs that drive economic progress. 

There is an ongoing need to support this process by bringing together:

-Thought Leaders in Industry, Academia, Nonprofits, and Government.
-Scientists, Engineers, and IT Professionals who may not often be invited to interact.
-Early Career Researchers (IE Post-Docs and Industry Scientists) who are contributing to international progress but may not often be heard.
-Suppliers to the Medical Research and Development Community, many of whom are scientists themselves, who can bring insight across institutional borders.

By respecting the goals of individual researchers as well as their companies and organizations, we can support lively and productive, ongoing interactions that strengthen the whole of the Westchester County milieu.

Feel Free to be in contact with us to explore ways to get involved: 

Michael Welling | Partner
Meridian Risk Management
One Wolf's Lane I Pelham NY 10803
914-368-1277   mw@meridianrisk.com

Joanne Gere, Executive Director
BioPharma Research Council
1 Sheila Drive, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

732-403-3137   jgere@biopharmaresearchcouncil.org