Growing Programs:

-Innovation in Research Symposium
-Westchester Biotech France
-Young Investigators

Beginning in 2018:
Watch for Announcements!

--Clinical Research Resource Report
--Rare Disease Symposium
--Cybersecurity Update
--My First Laboratory
--The Mobile Patient
--Microbiome Consortium

Programs - Where Ideas Emerge

Our ongoing programs are run in collaboration with our Boards, Committees, and Community Partners, whose insights help us shape intriguing Webinars, Roundtables, and Symposia.

Active Advisory Boards, Committees, and Community Partners are providing busy researchers, engineers, and data scientists with valuable opportunites to appreciate diverse perspectives.

As we create programs to bring scientists together, our job is to listen to themes and discussions that you're thinking about, and to keep the process pleasurable for you.

This summer we collaborated with our Community Partners to offer two Roundtables. In July, we met with our Roundtable for Researchers, which will meet again several times each year. In August, our Roundtable: Building the Westchester Biotech Cluster launched. 

To get involved, Register for Updates and send a note to