Westchester Biotech Project

We are an organization focused upon accelerating biomedical research and engagement by helping potential partners and collaborators find each other. We do this through Advisory Boards, Committees, and Roundtables that develop into programs and Symposia.

You can start by attending a program, but it's much more effective if you get involved in advance, shaping the growth of the community and helping build compelling content.

We do the back end work that makes the process as pleasurable as possible for you. Just say hello and we'll get started!

It's Your Choice

Explore our website and see what intrigues you. Each of the programs you'll see was initiated by our community, so feel free to suggest a concept. 

Click Here to see the range of our community's interests.

It's highly likely that we know a few adventurous sorts who are interested in a similar approach, and by getting involved you'll be able to learn about each others' research and motives.

It's that simple- Welcome!

Start Here

You can send a note with your interest, or complete this form. We'll respond and set a time to get to know you.

We particularly seek researchers, engineers, and data scientists, and will ask for your help in developing compelling programs that make it worth your while to leave your lab, or at least enjoy a virtual session!




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