Roundtable for Educators and Employers


March 1, 2018
Fordham University, Westchester Campus
400 Westchester Avenue, West Harrison, NY 10604

Carla Romney, D.Sc. 

       Associate Dean for STEM and Pre-health Education, Fordham University
Amy Allen
       Vice President, Westchester County Association

Nancy Dong
       Vice President, Finance & Administration, Contrafect

Companies in the biotechnology and life science sectors report to us their difficulties finding ideal candidates. Educators have shared their interests in a deeper understanding of industry’s needs for today and tomorrow. In an effort to help align these perspectives, we are collaborating with the Westchester County Association on this series.

Each Roundtable session provides a platform for discussion and collaboration to address the changing requirements for life science careers. By bringing together stakeholders across academic institutions, research hospitals, and companies throughout the region, we strive to nurture cross-pollination that can drive improved outcomes for companies, educators, and the scientists who contribute to human health research.

Both Dr. Romney and Amy Allen serve on our Advisory Boards.