Roundtable: Educators and Employers

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November 1, 2018
Iona College

Carla Romney, D.Sc., Associate Dean for STEM & Pre-health Education,
Fordham University
Amy Allen, Vice President, Westchester County Association

By bringing together stakeholders across academic institutions, research hospitals, and companies throughout the region, we nurture cross-pollination that can drive improved outcomes for companies, educators, and the scientists who contribute to human health research.

We invite you to contribute your ideas and energy to this program.
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Work in Progress

This Roundtable has been activated as a working group to develop a new certificate program — content themes are listed below. This certificate program will be accompanied by ongoing webinars, educational materials, and events, generating further resources for our student and professional communities. Listed alongside each component are experts guiding curriculum development.

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Certificate Curriculum (key areas identified by regional life science employers)


• Laboratory Safety (lowering risk for labmates and employers)
- Raymond Houston, Ed.D., Dean, School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
       Westchester Community College
- Carla Romney, D.Sc., Associate Dean for STEM & Pre-Health Education, Fordham University

• Good Laboratory Notebook Practice (assuring clean, clear and reproducible data)
- Jim Rotolo, Ph.D., Senior Director of Research, Sapience Therapeutics

• Aseptic Techniques (preparation for learning your employers' specific processes)
- Jim Rotolo, Ph.D., Senior Director of Research, Sapience Therapeutics

• Sustainability in the Lab (capturing resources to improve funding for research)
- Allison Paradise, Founder and CEO, My Green Lab
- Stephen Harris, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, Purchase College, SUNY

Understanding the Drug Development Process (underscoring scientific, regulatory, and commercial issues)
- Kevin Freiert, Principal, Salem Oaks Consulting
- Glenetta Phillips, Program Specialist, Center for Career Education and Applied Learning
Westchester Community College

One of our Alliance Partners, My Green Lab, has released a free resource:
A Guide to Green Chemistry Experiments for Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Labs
The packet includes both Safety and Sustainability material - Click for More