Roundtable: Lab-to-Market

We support innovation from the earliest basic research, through discovery, translation, clinical research, and to patients. Commercialization challenges provide us with growing opportunities for collaboration, standards development, and acceleration of biomedical progress.

We’re converging our Roundtables, where appropriate, as we are learning more about mutually experienced opportunities and challenges. With this, we bring together:

Roundtables for Researchers - for life science and medtech researchers, engineers, and data scientists from invention/discovery through clinical trials
Roundtable: Intellectual Property - literacy on protecting and sharing across all research forums
Roundtable: Virtual Executive in Residence - technical and business support for life science/cell therapy, medtech, and data science entrepreneurs
Roundtable: Translating Data Science - the dynamic environment that brings together data collection, harmonization, sharing, and analysis is opening new doors and unearthing new challenges
Roundtable: Investors Forum - the specific interests and concerns of investors in the life sciences, including diagnostics and devices, reflect the complexity and impact of biomedical research itself
Consortium on Translational Research in the Microbiome - by focusing upon harmonization of emerging enabling technologies, we provide a collaborative platform for knowledge sharing and consensus building

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Recent Session: Preparing for BIO
May 2
, 2019 • Recording PDF

Dalfoni Banerjee, Principal Consultant & CEO
3Sixty Pharma Solutions
Stephen Yelity, President & CEO

It’s late to get started, but not too late to think about how you can find resources and potential partners at the big BIO conferences this year.

You’ll hear about strategies you can enjoy now, and ideas to get you thinking about the future.

Discussion, for both Exhibitors and Attendees, will address:

  • The Opportunities: A High-Level Review

  • Planning your Booth and Introduction

  • Preparing your Handouts

  • Your Social Media Strategy and Conference follow-up

  • Using the BIO App to Network

  • Staying Sane in a Crazy Environment

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Roundtable for Researchers

By gathering representatives from the academic, industry, government, hospital, and nonprofit sectors, the Roundtable for Researchers is unearthing existing studies in discovery and clinical trials.

By developing valuable discussions across the many silos of biomedical research, this group is informing future programs that can enhance awareness of the region’s significance.

Roundtable: Intellectual Property

As a researcher, engineer, or data scientist entering the entrepreneurial world, it pays to understand the steps needed to protect your discovery or innovation.

Our sessions address the many issues related to intellectual property protection and management, and give guidance on turning your invention into a recognized asset.

Executive-in-Residence Program

Are you a researcher, engineer, or technologist with an idea, trying to take the next step towards commercialization?

Our experts can point you in the right direction while helping develop an action plan. At a deeper level, we will connect you with experts able to address nuanced issues that may arise as your technology traverses the lab-to-market pathway.

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