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Virtual Roundtable: Recordkeeping and Reporting for Government Grants

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October 9, 2019, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT Online
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George G. Moker, EdD, Managing Director, Director of Government Contracting & Business Development
Ambrosi Donahue Congdon & Co.
Director of Entrepreneurship Programs
Suffolk University - Boston

Alexander Margulis, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer
Mansfield BIO-Incubator
Dalfoni Banerjee, Principal Consultant & CEO
3Sixty Pharma Solutions

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Congratulations! You’ve received a federal grant!


Before, during, and after your grant period, handling your recordkeeping accurately is an investment of time and management that can save you many thousands of dollars in the long run.

Our experts will walk you through proper grant reporting procedures, helping you stay on top of your federal obligations in real-time while preventing last minute confusion or hassle.

In this session you will learn how to properly track and report on, among other topics:
- Financial Data: Where and how did you spend your money?
- Project Data: What progress has been made?
- Compliance Information: Have you been following all of the proper federal regulations?

Federal funding helps to ignite and sustain countless research projects each year, providing the capital needed to innovate and push a program or idea to the next level. Your ability to comprehensively track and report on your federally funded research is paramount for continued funding decisions in your favor.

About our Speaker:


George G. Moker, EdD, Managing Director, Director of Government Contracting &
Business Development, Ambrosi Donahue Congdon & Co.
Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, Suffolk University - Boston

George Moker has more than 25 years’ experience as a CPA. He has developed training manuals, workshops, and seminars in the record-keeping and reporting compliance areas of government contracting. George earned his Master's degree in business administration (MBA) from Suffolk University, where he currently serves as Director of Entrepreneurship Programs as well as being a member of the entrepreneurship faculty. He has served in senior management positions in the private sector, including roles as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations in an aerospace support company that provided metrology products and services to the Department of Defense and NASA. George has successfully assisted multiple companies in commercializing and growing their operations.

Grant-Writing Essentials Series

The purpose of this series is to discuss grant-writing experiences for landmark moments on the lab-to-market journey – to show what “good” looks like at key points in the process.

Part 1: NIH SBIR/STTR Grant-Writing Best Practices • Recording PDF
Part 2: The Commercialization Plan Recording PDF

Past Sessions

Many researchers are unfamiliar with the totality of the bench-to-bedside product development process, how they might weave grants into the journey, and best practices when grant-writing.
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Grant-Writing Essentials Series:
Part 2 - The Commercialization Plan

July 25, 2019 • Recording PDF

The focus of this session is the all-important commercialization plan. Our experts share commercialization fundamentals to help you visualize the terrain that you will traverse as your product heads toward market and, potentially, patients.

Any private, public, or government funder/investor will expect you to be fluent in these practices. Your credibility is crucial when seeking funding and this discussion will cover a major aspect of your journey.

Topics Include:

- Building a Team around your Innovation
- Patent and Market Research
- Prototyping and Scale-Up
- Competitive Insights

- Feasibility of Market Acceptance
- Operationalization Considerations
- Projecting Milestones
- Budget Considerations


About our Speakers:

Marla Coppolino
Director of Business Development and Outreach, Institute of Biotechnology, Cornell University

Marla Coppolino connects researchers in the life sciences to grants, programs, and resources available through New York’s NYSTAR-supported Center for Advanced Technology at Cornell University. Marla serves as a liaison for researchers at Cornell and New York state biotech companies to collaborate on technologies that show potential for future commercialized biotech products and services.


Douglas Greene, MD
Founder and Chief Consultant, DAGPHAMED

Dr. Greene is a highly-respected thought-leader in medicine and drug development, having held numerous executive-level positions in companies such as Ikaria Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi-Aventis, and Merck. Alongside his founding of DAGPHAMED, Dr. Greene is also Partner and Chief Clinical Advisor to Business Stimulus Consultants LLC and Chief Medical Officer of Neuronasal LLC.

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Dalfoni Banerjee
Principal Consultant & CEO, 3Sixty Pharma Solutions

Dalfoni Banerjee is an award-winning, solution-focused entrepreneur. Beginning her career over 25 years ago in academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology research laboratories, she went on to lead inspection-readiness efforts, drive clinical research and clinical operations, manage relationships between pharma and key opinion leaders, develop marketing strategies/tactics, and launch new drug products – across 12+ therapeutic categories. Dalfoni is an invited speaker and moderator on a variety of topics, has authored and co-authored several publications, and has received over 30 awards.

Grant-Writing Essentials Series:
Part 1 - NIH SBIR/STTR Grant-Writing Best Practices

May 16, 2019 • Recording PDF

A collaborative session with our Community Partner
3Sixty Pharma Solutions

Bringing together our Roundtable for Researchers
and Young Investigators Programs

Douglas Greene, MD, Founder and Chief Consultant, DAGPHAMED
Dalfoni Banerjee, Principal Consultant & CEO, 3Sixty Pharma Solutions

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the SBIR/STTR landscape,
    which crosses every federal agency.

  • How to “operationalize” the grant-writing process,
    enhancing the grant-writer’s prospect for success.


April 25, 2018
Burke Medical Research Institute

Glen Prusky, Ph.D., Lab Director, 
Laboratory for Visual Disease and Therapy
Burke Medical Research Institute
Amanda Dupuy, Ph.D., Clinical Scientific Curator
The Jackson Laboratory

By gathering representatives from the academic, industry, government, hospital, and nonprofit sectors, the Roundtable for Researchers is unearthing existing studies in discovery and clinical trials. From our explorations, it is clear that regional researchers are commonly partnering with national and international collaborators who may participate virtually.

By developing valuable discussions across the many silos of biomedical research, this group is informing future programs that can enhance awareness of the region’s significance.

About our Chairs:

Dr. Prusky is a distinguished professor and researcher focused on understanding the nature of adaptive change in the nervous system in animals, and applying the insights to the treatment of visual dysfunction in humans. His basic research program utilizes the rodent visual system as an experimental model, with anatomical, biochemical, electrophysiological, and behavioral methods as output measures.

Dr. Dupuy is passionate about personalized and applied genomics for human health and medicine. She has specialized experience with next-generation sequencing of oncologic RNA fusions and fungal metagenomics/taxonomy work for microbiome studies. Her Ph.D. is in Genetics and Genomics, which she obtained from UConn in Summer 2015.

If you have any questions please contact us:


July 19, 2017 
Westchester County Association
1133 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY 10604

The Westchester Biotech Project is an initiative to bring together researchers, engineers, and data scientists across the region of Westchester County, NY. Activities include breakfast meetings, roundtables, webinars, and the Innovation in Research Symposium. 

Over the next few months we will be reaching out to bring together small Roundtable discussions as we develop new programs that reflect the vibrant opportunities and significant challenges for life science research, engineering, and data science. This is the perfect moment to prepare for a lively summer of activities to stimulate knowledge sharing and collaboration across the many silos of biomedical research, device development, and more.

At this Kick-Off we will share our vision and ask for your viewpoint. Already we have interviewed a number of stakeholders across the region, and at this by-invitation meeting we will share insights collected and ask for your perspectives.

_ Introductions, Amy Allen, Vice President of the Westchester County Association
_ Overview of the Westchester Biotech Project and progress thus far
_ Special update on Westchester Biotech France
_ Introductions all around
_ Discussion of emerging challenges and opportunities
_ Development of concepts for October 26 Innovation in Research Symposium

Thank you to our Community Partner, the Westchester County Associationour host for this session.
Contact us to learn about ways that your institution, company, or organization can get involved!

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