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March 1, 
8:30-10 am - Educators and Employers
March 6, 8:30-10 am - Building the Biotech Cluster
March 13, 1:00-2 pm - Investors Forum
April 10, 8:30-10 am - Roundtable for Researchers

These sessions are designed to facilitate community updates, information sharing, and guided discussion between individuals with diverse expertise who may not have otherwise had an opportunity to connect. 

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Roundtable: Educators and Employers

Next session is March 1, 2018, 8:30-10 am at Fordham Westchester • Click for More
Dr. Carla Romney, Associate Dean for STEM & Pre-Health Education, Fordham University
Amy Allen, Vice President, Westchester County Association

We bring together curriculum influencers with regional employers to explore key skills and capabilities desired in the next generation of life science drug development, and diagnostics/device inventors. In light of major development across the biocluster, it's an important time to build upon the region's collaborative environment. The Roundtable  informs initiatives to raise opportunity density for early career researchers, engineers, and data scientists.

Roundtable: Building the Biotech Cluster


Next Session is March 6, 2018, 8:30-10 am at Meridian Risk Management • Click for More
Sarah Epifano, Business Development Director, Skanska USA
Patricia Ardigo, First Vice President, CBRE Life Sciences Group

Diverse players are necessary to drive opportunity density in the region -- developers, builders, real estate experts, tax and legal professionals, consultants, investors and more. This group is open to researchers who provide the excitement to inspire growth.

To a company we have heard that hiring scientists is a challenge, and by listening to their concerns it is clear that issues range from housing to lab space to transportation, government incentives, etc.

Building the Biotech Cluster 1 • August 17, 2017 • More Information
Building the Biotech Cluster 2 • December 13, 2017 • More Information

Investors Forum


Next Session is March 13, 2018, 1:00-2 pm Online and at Meridian Risk Management • Click for More
Michael Welling, Co-founder,  Westchester Biotech Project 
Daniel Potocki, Founder/CEO, Finis Ventures

The specific interests and concerns of investors in the life sciences -- including diagnostics, and devices -- reflect the complexity and impact of biomedical research itself. This by-invitation Forum is a platform for sharing perspectives, addressing challenges that may be in common but express themselves in unique ways, and helping inform our initiatives. 

Roundtable for Researchers


Next Session is April 10, 2018, 8:30-10 am at Burke Rehabilitation Research Center • Click for More
Glen Prusky, Ph.D., Lab Director, Burke Medical Research Institute
Eileen Geoghegan, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

By gathering representatives from the academic, industry, government, hospital, and nonprofit sectors, the Roundtable for Researchers is unearthing existing studies in discovery and clinical trials. From our explorations it is clear that regional researchers are commonly partnering with national and international collaborators who may participate virtually.

Roundtable for Researchers • July 19, 2017 • More Information