Summer Journalism Internship Challenge

Since the Spring of 2017, we have been hosting sessions supporting researchers, engineers, data scientists and all those who support them through thoughtful discussions developed to stimulate knowledge sharing and the pursuit of innovation. In our Archive, you will find an array of presentations spanning the collective ecosystem inherent to, and supporting of, scientific pursuit.

In the spirit of continuing discussions from the past, while we also continue forward with new topics, we invite you to participate in our Summer Internship Challenge.

What is it? An opportunity for writers to contribute their thoughts, discussions, and forward-looking ideas toward programs that we have hosted in the past, available on our YouTube channel and directly accessible from our Archive.

What do you have to do? Craft a blog-type post in your own voice covering one of our sessions from the past.

We ask for:
• A ~500 word blog on the topic, sharing what you learned and forward-thinking ideas covering take-away’s and relevance.
• A headline (~3-5 words), along with a subhead (~10-15 words) covering the topic.
• A caption for the event photo.

What do you get? If your blog is selected, we will post it on our website blog, highlight it in our newsletter, and share it on social media — crediting you and thanking you for your efforts! You also get paid, and we will invite you to write more content for us in the future.

Why are we doing this? We are supportive of young writers in the sciences, and believe that providing them the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity to a larger audience is valuable toward their professional growth. Providing this platform to young writers is a win-win scenario: we benefit from fresh voices, and young writers benefit from exposure, feedback, and money!