The Westchester Biotech Project hosts various symposia to spotlight groundbreaking research being done in the region and direct attention towards important topics in biotechnology.

Innovation in Research 2018
June 12

Join the region's diverse researchers, engineers, and data scientists, for an eclectic symposium on emerging science developed through collaboration. 

We are still seeking presenters who can share their work in therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices. Both preclinical and clinical research will be addressed.

Rare Disease Symposium
July 18
Co-Chairs: Antonio Molina-Pachon, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Advanced Medical Projects
       David Zuckerman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, Iona College
An event born from our Westchester Rare Disease Hub, a collaboration with Westchester Biotech Project Europe. This meeting of thought leaders will highlight Rare Disease research being done in the region and beyond, as well as promote future research directions and collaborations.

Surrounding the Rare Disease focus, we are exploring options for creating a soft landing environment for European researchers to establish a foothold in the US community and market. Now in the early stages, this initiative will develop plans and strategies for creating an incubator/accelerator space with supporting expertise. 

Tauopathy Colloquim
Date in Spring 2019 TBD
This event will address breakthrough research in neurodegenerative diseases associated with the pathological aggregation of tau protein such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Regional thought leaders will convene to discuss recent advancements in the field and share insights on what direction future treatment and research is headed.