Date in Spring 2019 TBD
Burke Neurological Institute
White Plains, NY 10605

Get Involved Now:

Share your Research, join the Committee, plan to Attend! This program will bring together researchers who are addressing fresh perspectives on factors relevant in a range of neurological conditions.

Presentations on mechanistic research, data approaches, broad epidemiologic implications, and emerging technologies are welcomed.

About Tau:
Pathological aggregation of tau protein contributes to a variety of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's among many others.

The impact of these types of diseases is profound, affecting a large portion of the population sometime in their lives, and dramatically reducing quality of life. Forefront research aims at understanding the exact mechanisms behind specific protein misfolding and aggregation events, challenged by pathology that is difficult to pinpoint, and which varies discretely in each disease.