Virtual Advisory Board Meeting 3/27 Notes
On March 27, 2018, we held our Annual Virtual Advisory Board Meeting. Below are notes from your colleagues who are kindly sharing their expertise and creativity.

At the Westchester Biotech Project we value bringing together regional thought leaders for collaborative idea sharing and the development of programs and initiatives that will enhance the regional biotech community.

Our founders, Joanne Gere and Michael Welling, gave an overview of our vision and efforts thus far, with a glimpse of what we hope to accomplish in the coming years. Importantly, none of this can happen without involvement and energy from our Advisors.

If you are included here, please send us comments on updates or additions. 

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March 27th Participants:

Amy Allen, Vice President, Westchester County Association

Amy is focused on the public policy and economics of regional healthcare and life science businesses. She works closely with healthcare systems, life science companies, and universities, interested in fostering dialogue between the parties for the benefit of the ecosystem and everyone involved.

Patricia Ardigo, First Vice President, CBRE, Life Sciences Group

Patricia works nationally with universities and developers to survey ecosystems and connect the dots that contribute to the development of successful and competitive research clusters. She has a primary interest in making sure research and education is a primary ecosystem focus, along with incentivizing growing companies to remain in the region.

Dalfoni Banerjee, Principal Consultant & CEO, 3Sixty Pharma Solutions LLC

Dalfoni has experience launching and marketing new drugs, conducting clinical research studies, and acting as a medical science liaison. Her company works to deliver cross functional solutions in marketing and product launch. She is focused on helping companies fix projects that have gone off the rails, by tailoring transformative solutions allowing a technology to make it to the market and impact those who need it.

Charles DiComo Ph.D., Administrative Director, Lab Integration and Planning, WellSpan Health

Charles has been instrumental in providing support and guidance to the Westchester Biotech Project, supplied by his past organizational experiences and lessons learned.

Eileen Geoghegan, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Eileen is a postdoc and forefront researcher who was previously a part of the National Cancer Institute. She is interested in education and issues postdocs and early career researchers face, and serves as the WBPs eyes and ears for this section of the community.

Rebecca Herold, CEO, The Privacy Professor

Rebecca is interested in the data security, privacy, and compliance space. She is concerned with how data is collected and used in the healthcare system, and a proponent of IT engineering solutions surrounding security and privacy.

Rick Huntress, Director for BD, Clinical and In Vivo Services, The Jackson Laboratory

Rick has extensive experience working with biotechs to identify clinically relevant mouse models in early stage drug discovery. He is interested in gathering sustained resources to put behind rare and orphan disease research and drug development, with connections to many research groups in the area.

Christopher Kinzel, Associate for Communication, Westchester Biotech Project

Chris is focused on turning community ideas into programming and events alongside nurturing the sustainability and growth of the WBP community. He is interested in fostering connections throughout the community and supporting efforts in any way he can. Reach out!

Karine Kleinhaus, MD, Divisional Vice President, North America, Pluristem Therapeutics

Karine has a breadth of experience: practicing obstetrics, researching and analyzing statistical databases, and now working in biotech focused on cell therapy. She has offered to help develop slide decks, give presentation advice, and provide business strategy guidance alongside having robust connections with European biotechs.

Antonio Molina-Pachon, Founder and CEO, Advanced Medical Projects

Antonio has been a life science entrepreneur for last 12-15 years and is currently moving his company from Spain to NY. He is interested in the interface between science and startups, and how we take good science and bring it to the market. He has a focus on rare diseases, and will help champion this focus in Westchester.

Matt Oravetz, Business Development Manager, Commissioning Agents

Matt has a manufacturing and medical devices background, acting as an FDA engineering services consultant to companies of all sizes. He is interested in and can give FDA regulation advice alongside beneficial introductions to business development professionals in the industry.

Christopher Palermo, Partner, Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP

Chris is a healthcare litigator with our Partner Bleakley Platt, a full-service law firm focused on corporate, healthcare, data protection and IP work. He is interested in educating startups and young companies on their legal, IP, compliance, and regulatory needs as they move forward.

Paul Perillo, Vice President, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Paul is a financial professional who works with healthcare businesses and executives helping them navigate and simplify their financial lives. He is interested in the impact we can have raising awareness in the community and in the economic development of regional biotech. He can help deliver economic insights and industry research surrounding the life science market.

Daniel Potocki, Founder/CEO, Finis Ventures

Daniel is an investment professional focused on bringing together investors and tech startups in the region. He is interested in generating awareness and promoting our ecosystem to investors for long-term growth and financial support.

Carla Romney, D.Sc., Associate Dean for STEM & Pre-Health Education, Fordham University

Carla is an educational professional focused on improving the talent and job growth pipelines in Westchester. She is interested in aligning the skill sets early career scientists obtain during their education with the skills desired by regional life science employers.

Keith Safian, CEO, Safian & Company

Keith is our Virtual Executive In Residence chair, and in his day job an advisor to CEOs and senior executives providing business and strategy guidance. He is interested in providing support to startups and young companies in the region, and invites you to get involved if you are interested in providing episodic advice to professionals in our ecosystem.

Boris Shor, Ph.D., Founder, BioIDEA; Director, HemoGenyx

Boris is experienced in pharmaceutical oncology drug discovery, and is now building his own oncology startup. He is active and interested in fostering dialogue with investors and entrepreneurs in the biotech community.

Wade Trappe, Associate Director, WINLAB, Rutgers University

Wade has past experience testing communications networks for weaknesses. Now taking a multidisciplinary approach, he uses mathematical tools developed for communications and applies them to biotechnology and the internet of medical things. He is interested in fostering dialogue between electrical engineering community and medical community for future advancements.

Marc Wilenzick, Senior Counsel, Taro Pharmaceuticals USA, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

Marc is an experienced FDA regulatory lawyer and provides guidance on FDA approval pathways, manufacturing guidelines, safety protocols, regulatory concerns and quality control. He is interested in the regulatory aspects on the clinical side of drug development.