Should I Get Off the Sidelines?: Deciding When to Start a New Company


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April 10, 2019 at Manhattanville College
In Collaboration with the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

Scott Locke, Esq., Partner & Chair,
Intellectual Property Department, Dorf & Nelson
Jessica Walsh, Founder and CEO, Rx Bandz
Larry Kunstadt, Ph.D., Chapter Leader
Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

Rania Nasis, MD, MBA, Director
Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
Steven B. Levine, MD, Co-Founder & Director
Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
Co-Leader, SoPE New York Tristate Chapter

You’ve been thinking about creating a company around your ideas — your research, your innovations, your solution to a problem that can move healthcare forward.

How do you know when you are ready to take that step? Experts will discuss their direct experience in shepherding new ventures:

  • Determining whether your idea is an asset

  • Packaging your intellectual property for investors

  • Knowing what you don’t know

  • Inventing local, competing global

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Scott Locke, Esq., Partner & Chair of the Intellectual Property Department, Dorf & Nelson

Mr. Locke counsels clients on the procurement, enforcement, and licensing of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. He provides solo inventors, start-up businesses, and well-established companies across diverse industries with strategies and tools for maximizing the return on their investment in their ingenuity, creativity, and goodwill. His clients include innovators in the fields of pharmaceuticals, delivery systems, diagnostics, siRNA technologies, Cas9 related technologies, gene therapies, and medical devices.

Jessica Walsh, Founder and CEO, Rx Bandz

A seasoned entrepreneur who possesses over a decade of business and technical experience from senior management positions in technology, business development, and digital marketing. Alongside her entrepreneurial spirit, she is also an experienced inventor, holding 5 patents.

Jessica Walsh developed her expertise in project management and marketing while overseeing multi-million dollar, complex projects for Fortune 500 companies and emerging startups.

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Larry Kunstadt, Ph.D., Chapter Leader, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

Mr. Kunstadt has a Ph.D. in biology and an MBA in finance. Originally an academic, he worked on Wall St. for 30 years financing biomedical companies. In the 1980s he taught entrepreneurship in NYU Stern’s MBA program. He was on the Business Advisory Board of the Alzheimer Drug Discovery Foundation. He is now CEO of Enhanced Pharmaceuticals.

About Manhattanville College:

Manhattanville College, located in Purchase, NY, is an accredited, co-educational, non-sectarian liberal arts institution chartered in 1917. Its mission is to educate students to be ethical and socially responsible leaders in a global community. Manhattanville distinguishes itself with small class sizes and meaningful opportunities for student-faculty collaboration. A wide variety of undergraduate areas of study are offered as well as graduate degrees in business and education. Majors in the Biological Sciences include Biology, Biochemistry and Environmental Studies. The College recently began offering a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Sciences.

About the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs:

The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) is a global biomedical and healthcare innovation network with membership open to all healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and industry stakeholders. SoPE was founded in 2011 by three physicians who shared a common vision - to empower physicians and other professionals to innovate healthcare through entrepreneurship. SoPE continues to gain momentum across the United States, Turkey, China and the United Arab Emirates, as well as with industry partners who directly support our members' efforts. Members include doctors, nurses, dentists, healthcare entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, academics, IT professionals and industry representatives.

About the Westchester Biotech Project:

The Westchester Biotech Project brings together researchers, engineers, and data scientists from across therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices. Based in Westchester County, NY, this is a borderless initiative with opportunities for local, national, and international collaboration.