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Are You an Inventor, or Are You an Entrepreneur?

Our Webinars provide researchers, engineers, and data scientists with content and discussions they may not have experienced during their education. You will find practical insights, professional development, and an insider’s view on various aspects of biotechnology.

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Commercialization A-Z

Next session is March 20, 2018, 12:00-1 pm EST Online
Are You an Inventor, or Are You an Entrepreneur • Click to Register
Presenter: Russell Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO, NIRvana Sciences

Research is just the first step on the road to a commercialized product. In order for research to make it to the market, there are a variety of obstacles that must be tackled. In this series we hear from thought leaders who share their experience in addressing the regulatory environment, licensing/tech transfer, funding opportunities -- road signs on the way to successfully bringing discoveries to patients.

Bench to Bedside: Taking Research to the Market   More Information   Recording

Effective Communication in Biomedical Research

Communicating science in an understandable and impactful way is difficult. Even if you are speaking with other researchers, there may be a disconnect in what you think is understood and what is actually understand. Without effective communication, the importance and relevance you see in your own research will be missed by others.

This series focuses on effectively communicating complex topics in ways that can be understood by diverse audiences -- your peers, the public, and your potential investors.

Science Communication: General Concepts and Tips   More Information   Recording
Peer-to-Peer Communication   More Information   Recording
Rigor and Reproducibility: Presenting Data to Funders and Investors   More Information   Recording