Westchester Biotech Blueprint 2030

Since we launched, we have collaborated with hundreds of career scientists, organizations, companies, academic institutions, hospitals, government bodies, and professionals to stimulate discussion and fresh partnerships.

The overriding take-away is that our community is eager to capture opportunities, identify gaps, and work together to nurture the relationships that will move us all toward a healthy, growing, biomedical sector.

We have embarked on a series of Charrettes (starting June 25, 2019), Interviews, Surveys, Research, and Development to build long term vision and action.

Most work will flow through our Roundtable: Buiding the Biotech Cluster, co-chaired by Raj Ratan, Ph.D., Director of the Burke Neurological Institute, and Sarah Epifano of Skanska.

To be sure we are including all voices, each of our many Roundtables will be invited to participate, most particularly our Roundtable for Researchers and Roundtable: Educators and Employers, co-chaired by Amy Allen of the Westchester County Association and Dr. Carla Romney, our Director, Education Strategy. Click for Roundtable Overview

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Blueprint 2030 Elements:

History/Current Landscape
Education Strategies
Facilities Development
Services, Resources, Incentives
Why Us?

Get Involved! Wherever your interests take you across the many silos of biomedical progress, this is your opportunity to help drive the innovations, facilities, resources, and services. Together we can move the needle on a vibrant future for the region, the nation, and the globe.

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Four Keys to a Healthy Innovation Cluster in Westchester

“Westchester County can view itself as being at the center of the largest biotech/biopharma cluster in the world, which is the Northeast United States. That’s an incredible geographic opportunity.”
— Steve Wray, VP and Director, Regional Economics and Labor Econsult Solutions

The Four Keys:

  • Research Assets: The region must have a strong research presence alongside access to ample talent.

  • Innovation Culture: A strong start-up culture requires significant entrepreneurial support resources and investment.

  • Place: Successful clusters are located in amenity-rich environments with established lab space and transportation infrastructures.

  • Collaboration: An overall attitude of positive engagement is active across organizations, institutions, and government.

Westchester Biotech Project was initiated through a collaboration between Michael Welling, father of an amazing son who required two stem cell transplants in 2007, and Joanne Gere, who has been working throughout her career to tempt scientists to communicate across disciplines.

Compelling activities have led to practical actions and initiatives. As our community grows, your voice can impact growth that impacts patients, providers, educators, companies, and your government. 

To get involved, Register for Updates, Attend a Charrette, or send a note and we’ll get you started- jgere@westchesterbiotechproject.org

Working Groups:

Roundtable: Investors Forum